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The Bullying Epidemic (and Common Sense Solutions)
Program length: 30:00

Bullying is here because we accept it, normalize it, and tolerate it. The good news is that the behavior of a bully is learned – and it can be unlearned. This powerful film is filled with innovative strategies and solutions that aid in identifying and preventing bullying.

The Bullying Epidemic was designed for middle school through adult as it discusses the bullying experience from the point of view of the bully, the student, the victim, the bystander, the teacher, the school administrator, and the community. 

Each of the 4 sections of this course can be used with or without questionnaires, and can be incorporated into a more elaborate, customized training program. Each section incorporates a variety of techniques to create an emotional response and intellectual connection to the issues surrounding bullying.

Allocade Award
We are proud to announce THE BULLYING EPIDEMIC has now won the award of merit  from the distinguished Accolade Global Film Competition.

Languages: English


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The Bullying Epidemic (and Common Sense Solutions)
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