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Abusive Conduct in the Workplace: California AB2053 Training
Program length: 5:00

Fostering a safe, legal work environment is critical to operating a successful business. This short, potent video about workplace bullying prevention covers all of the necessary topics to meet the standards of California's new AB 2053 workplace abusive conduct law. This California law now requires workplace abuse training to be included as part of harassment training. If you have over 50 employees you need to make sure your organization is covered.

Workplace bullying is not a newly discovered problem, but only just recently has the scale of the problem become evident. Conservative estimates in the USA calculate costs to be at least $1 billion annually. Decline in employee morale, loss in productivity, employee turnover, health problems and loss in organizational reputation are just a few of the problems that the bullying causes. Organizations that eliminate toxic behaviors like abusive contact are more likely to be financially successful than those who do not.

This new course will leave no doubt as to what behaviors are unacceptable in the workplace. Bully-free organizations are less likely to suffer from workplace violence incidents and less likely to have employees suffer from health issues such as stress that keep them from their jobs.

Languages: English


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Abusive Conduct in the Workplace: California AB2053 Training
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