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Beyond Sexual Harassment: Management Version
Program length: 20:00

Managers have a responsibility to be an example of appropriate behavior in the workplace. Inappropriate behavior on the job does not have to be sexual to be harassment. Using realistic vignettes, Beyond Sexual Harassment: Management Version teaches managers how to identify and prevent incidents involving age, gender, religion and other forms of harassment which may not always be obvious.

Beyond Sexual Harassment: Management Version demonstrates for employees exactly what constitutes unprofessional, unacceptable or illegal behavior as well as how to handle the situation when they occur. Eight shorts in all, each examines a specific harassment issue, followed by commentary from an employment law attorney who leads viewers into the legal ramifications of each scene. Whether employees engage knowingly in harassing behavior or being harassed themselves, they must know what their limits and rights are. Everyone loses when harassment occurs. Productivity is impacted and morale lowered over all levels of the organization.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Beyond Sexual Harassment: Management Version
reviewed by 3 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This program offers solid training on harassment prevention. The strength of this training lies in the eight stop-and-discuss vignettes that are followed by legal commentary. The vignettes are realistic and will likely be the catalyst for good discussion and learning about all types of harassment.

  • Realistic vignettes that are meant to encourage discussion.
  • Commentary by legal attorney follows each vignette.
  • Helps identify potentially illegal or inappropriate behaviors but doesn't give specifics for stopping offending behaviors.
1 out of 1 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Reina Carrasco - Carrasco Consulting Services
The video would have been perfect for my needs if it included sexual harassment. Since harassment has broadened, there is a need for training media that meets all the forms of harassment, particularly scenarios that can be integrated into existing or new instructor led training programs.

    Jennifer Loeffel - Lumiere Place
I previewed the entire video for purchase. I thought the acting left a little to be desired, Hoever overall it was good. The objectives were clear and the information was easy to understand. I was looking for a video to show as part of a series of videos that discuss sexual harassment in employee training. I feel this video will fit our need here. I also think this video can fit any industry and can be used by a wide variety of companies. Thank you!

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