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Harassment For Managers: A New Look
Program length: 22:00

Recent harassment lawsuits show that employers and managers can increase their legal liability if they neglect to investigate a harassment complaint, or fail to create or enforce anti-harassment policies. Figuring out what is harassment and what isn't can be complicated. For one thing, many of its forms are subtle. For another, harassment has evolved into newer forms which do not easily fit traditional understanding of the laws in place. This is the situation managers and supervisors are facing in today's world of new technology and attitudes.

Harassment for Managers: A New Look encourages managers to step up and take all forms of harassment seriously. To help address this issue, this training examines the newer forms of harassment and shows how managers can and should prevent, identify and respond effectively to such hurtful situtaions.

Through re-enactments, the program discusses:

  • Quid pro quo, tangible employment action, and hostile environment
  • Bullying, inappropriate humor, age discrimination and digital harassment
  • Warning signs, third-party and the impact of harassment
  • A manager's responsibilities and obligations to communicate policy
A California version is available for AB1825 and AB2053 training compliance.

Also Available: 
Harassment: A New Look for Employees
Respectful Supervisor: Integrity and Inclusion
Harassment Prevention Made Simple for Managers 

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Harassment For Managers: A New Look
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    Bill Larman - HR Corrdinator
What I liked about this video was that it not only covered harassment but also the social media issues also.The video was real enough that whether the audience is shop associates or office associates it is realistic and believable. This video will make a harassment training session easier and more up to date than what we have at this time.

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