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Asbestos Awareness: Are You at Risk?
Program length: 26:00

When working with possible asbestos containing materials (ACM), your workers must be aware of possible health hazards and the risks associated with exposure. Asbestos Awareness: Are You at Risk? explains the three different forms of asbestos and identifies the working conditions that may contain ACM.

Significant exposure to any type of asbestos increases the risk of lung cancer, mesothelioma and nonmalignant lung disorders. Since ACM releases asbestos fibers into the air during product use, demolition work, building or home maintenance, repair, and remodeling, employers must implement proper training to safeguard their workers in the event they are exposed to ACM. Asbestos Awareness: Are You at Risk? not only promotes awareness of adverse health effects, but also demonstrates personal protection measures and sets the stage for establishing proper hazard communication standards.

OSHA requires that employers monitor and regulate exposure to asbestos, when their workers are involved in the construction, alteration, renovation, demolition, maintenance or salvage of building structures that may contain asbestos. Utilizing this informative bestselling training program, Asbestos Awareness: Are You at Risk? will promote individual awareness when performing regular job functions to ensure that asbestos hazards pose  minimal risk to your workforce.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Asbestos Awareness: Are You at Risk?
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