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HazCom information is something you hope your employees never need. But it is always better to read it before you need it.

hazard communication training

HAZCOM: In Sync with GHS

The new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) standard is addressed along with focused material on the classes of hazards, shipping container labels and MSDS.

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Hazard Communication For Non-Industrial Employees

This exciting edition to HazCom training is intended to provide important information about safe work practices when working with hazardous chemicals in the office.

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GHS Labels and Safety Data Sheets

OSHA is requiring that employees are trained by December 1, 2013 on the new GHS label elements and safety data sheets format to facilitate recognition and understanding. Make sure your staff remains focused and informed with this training.

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Hazard Recognition and Control For Utility Workers

Utility workers face exposure to hazards daily and must know how to recognize the potential threats they may encounter. This training presents hazard scenarios specific to utility workers to illustrate the three root causes of accidents.

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Hazard Communication: The Road to Safety

This bestselling program offers critical information to aid in your employees' understanding of warning labels and MSDS's. Help your employees identify potential hazards by providing this key resource on hazard communication.

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Asbestos Awareness: Controlling Exposure

Help your employees control their exposure to airborne asbestos fibers with this training program that covers basic OSHA principles and safe work practices.

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Asbestos Awareness: Understanding the Risk

This program provides basic awareness of asbestos identification, avoiding exposure, protective clothing and exposure monitoring and medical surveillance.

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Material Safety Data Sheets: Read It Before You Need It

Provide your employees with helpful information they need for optimum safety when working around chemical hazards in your facility. This award-winning program makes a perfect supplement to your MSDS safety training program.

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