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HAZCOM: In Sync with GHS
Program length: 16:00

Chemicals that employees work with everyday can cause a multitude of different physical and health hazards. The OSHA Hazard Communication standard has recently been enhanced with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). HAZCOM: In Sync with GHS will make sure your employees are OSHA-compliant and fully understand GHS, which was designed to minimize workplace incidents as a result of the improper handling of chemicals.

This new HAZCOM standard not only gives workers the right to know the chemicals and hazards they face, but the right to understand them and how to protect themselves from danger. HAZCOM: In Sync With GHS covers the ins and outs of this new standardized process of communicating chemical hazards.

Classes of Hazards

  • Define the six classes of hazards
  • Understand health risks associated with each hazard

Labels on Shipped Containers

  • Identify the required components of a container label
  • Recognize the nine pictograms for hazard identification

Workplace Labeling

  • Using hazard labels in the workplace

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  • Understanding of the different sections used on the SDS
  • Accessing SDSs in the workplace


  • The written hazard communication plan
  • Responsibility of the employer

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


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HAZCOM: In Sync with GHS
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