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Prevention is paramount in defending against disaster involving hazardous materials. Look through our bestselling HazMat titles and you’ll find one to suit your needs.

Hazardous Materials Training

Lead Safety for Firearms

Law enforcement and those involved in the firing range business must have proper training on lead safety with regard to firearms. This program details how lead can enter the body and how to recognize lead poisoning symptoms.

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Drum Handling

Handling drums full of hazardous materials is a dangerous task and requires proper training. This program explains the essential facts on safe drum handling, proper inspection methods, safehandling and moving of drums, and decontamination measures.

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Compressed Gas Safety Awareness

This informative training discusses the hazard risks of compressed gas and covers classifications and labeling of flammable, non-flammable and toxic gases. Teach your employees the proper handling of cylinders and valves.

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Decontamination: A Matter Of Life

Decontamination is a key part to controlling any hazardous waste incident. This training features content designed to educate employees on the proper decontamination procedures to avoid exposure to hazardous materials.

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Asbestos Awareness: Controlling Exposure

Help your employees control their exposure to airborne asbestos fibers with this training program that covers basic OSHA principles and safe work practices.

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Asbestos Awareness: Understanding the Risk

This program provides basic awareness of asbestos identification, avoiding exposure, protective clothing and exposure monitoring and medical surveillance.

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Asbestos In Construction

Designed to help your organization comply with OSHA 1926.1101, this program gives construction workers, and others who come in contact with building materials, a complete understanding of how to deal with asbestos exposure.

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Radiation Safety: The Basics

Capable of causing skin lesions, tumors, cancer or even death, radiation is a hazardous material where safety and preventative safeguards mean the difference between life and slow death. Keep everyone safe with this program.

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NORM: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials

Help employees understand the risks of naturally occurring radioactive materials. This program showcases how best to minimize and how to avoid exposure.

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