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Arm your team with the training they need to lower their exposure during any and all hazardous waste operations. 

hazwoper training

HAZWOPER First Responder: Awareness Level

Teach employees their role as first responders and how to identify hazardous substances and  the risks associated with them if they are released or spilled.  This training covers recognition and control measures for a hazardous release or spill and potential outcomes and proper evacuation measures.

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HAZWOPER First Responder: Operations Level

This course covers broad issues pertaining to the hazard recognition at work sites. OSHA has developed the HAZWOPER program to protect the workers working at hazardous sites and devised extensive regulations to ensure their safety and health.

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Drum Handling

Handling drums full of hazardous materials is a dangerous task and requires proper training. This program explains the essential facts on safe drum handling, proper inspection methods, safehandling and moving of drums, and decontamination measures.

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Decontamination: A Matter Of Life

Decontamination is a key part to controlling any hazardous waste incident. This training features content designed to educate employees on the proper decontamination procedures to avoid exposure to hazardous materials.

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NORM: Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials

Help employees understand the risks of naturally occurring radioactive materials. This program showcases how best to minimize and how to avoid exposure.

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