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The same hands that save lives can spread deadly infections.

Healthcare Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene: The Best Medicine

Handwashing is the first line of defense against the spread of infection -- when it is done correctly! Use this practical training to teach your healthcare workers the CDC-approved handwashing process.

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Hand Hygiene for Hands that Care

We all recognize the importance of keeping our hands free of infectious microorganisms, but statistics indicate we're not following through in practice. Learning to be consistent and following regulations can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations.

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Handwashing: Avoiding Germs And Viruses At Work

Protect yourself and your staff from the spread of illness in your workplace by emphasing one of the most poswerful lines of defense: proper handwashing! Great as a meeting opener, this short and practical training program will help you reduce sick days and minimize the transmission of infections and illnesses.

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MRSA and VRE Precautions: Battling Superbugs

More and more often we hear about Superbugs in the news. Help your healthcare facility stay ahead of the game by taking precautions, identifying the bugs, slowing transmission, and lowering infection rates. Use hygiene as your weapon in the battle against Superbugs!

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Infection Control Essentials: Every Action Counts

This program offers a comprehensive and easy-to-understand method of improving your facility's infection control practices. Learn how infection spreads, how to identify the sources of infections, and how to implement other important precautions and procedures for containing and preventing infections in your facility.

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Infection Control Orientation

Learn all about the source of infections, how they get transmitted and how to prevent them from spreading. Infection Control Orientation gives your employees a fresh perspective on why preventing infection is one of their most important responsibilities.

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Infection Control in Outpatient Facilities

Control of infection in outpatient facilities is as imperative as it is in other healthcare settings. This informative video explores the need for infection prevention, offers general information about bloodborne pathogens and infection control, and explains the CDC infection control precautions.

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Infection Control in Home Healthcare: Winning the Battle

Infection control is the key to a healthier and safer healthcare environment. Keep mortality at bay by learning the facts! By learning good work practices, sound housekeeping and laundry habits, every member of your staff can help save lives.

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Latex Allergy: Stop the Reaction

Healthcare workers are at a high risk of developing an allergy to natural latex gloves and other latex-containing medical supplies. This program highlights the risks of allergic reactions and how to reduce their associated health risks.

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