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How to Connect in Healthcare in 90 Seconds or Less
Program length: 16:00

In healthcare as well as life, the failure to build trust and rapport can be insurmountable, while the rewards of a good first impression and positive connection are almost immeasurable.

In How to Connect in 90 seconds or Less, host Nicholas Boothman uses real-world healthcare scenarios to demonstrate the importance of building a trust relationship with those we serve. This insightful training will help you increase patient satisfaction, strengthen relationships with co-workers, improve patient care, and raise productivity.

This engaging and motivational program will teach your team how to naturally make a genuine connection with patients, family members, co-workers ...everyone they meet.

Connecting in Healthcare is all about:

  • Choosing the right ATTITUDE - be welcoming, empathetic, curious and resourceful
  • Sending the right SIGNALS - with your face, body and voice
  • Get them TALKING - investing in listening pays off in trust
Training with this upbeat program will result in: increased patient satisfaction, strengthened co-worker relationships, improved service, raised productivity and a little (appropriate) fun at work.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Chinese Simplified (subtitled), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), Hebrew (subtitled)

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How to Connect in Healthcare in 90 Seconds or Less
reviewed by 5 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
I liked "How to Connect in Healthcare in 90 seconds or less" a lot. It is motivational and very real, and Nicholas Boothman's presentation style is engaging, drawing me in from the beginning of the program and sustaining my interest until the end. Because healthcare workers need to connect with their patients to establish trust, I think this program is a must-see for anyone working in the healthcare field. Nicholas Boothman's enthusiasm is contagious and viewers will likely feel motivated and ready to immediately transfer their learning to their workplace.

  • Clear, concise learning points.
  • Employees can immediately apply what they've learned to their job.
  • Skills can cross over from work to everyday life.
  • Boothman is entertaining.
4 out of 5 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Laurie Weathers - Cancer Care Associates
In the opening I was curious about what I was about to watch. The use of color, specific scenarios and music was interesting. How to Connect in Healthcare caught and kept my attention. It challenged me from the beginning to listen and incorporate what it was suggesting. I wanted to know more about the topic though. Perhaps it is too brief. This is a good start but we need something that covers Customer Service in a healthcare practice more extensively. Any ideas for us?
    Cindy Clancy - Customer Service Coordinator, Hot Springs County M
"How to Connect in Healthcare" is a very professionally done video. Nicholas' presentation is very enthusiastic and captivates his listener. It emphasized some good points about smiling naturally, and how crucial the first 90 seconds of a conversation are in gaining your customer's trust. Nicholas did a great job explaining how a person's attitude at the beginning of a task determines success or failure. The information from the video is timely and can be used not only in work, but everyday life. I liked the review of information at the end. The only thing I can say negatively is that I thought the video was a little too short.
    Zerita Haddock - Mojave Adult Child & Family Services
I have viewed several of these videos and I was very impressed with all of them. I am putting together a training program for the HR as well as other departments and I'm confident this information will be of great value.
    Angela Brumley
The content covered is vital to coustomer service and communciation. It's short viewing time is just what we need in this day when we spend hours per month in meetings. To the point and a great topic to show to all disciplines.

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