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It's a Dog's World
Program length: 14:00

Now with enhanced video quality

When it comes to reaching a healthcare audience and making trainees receptive to learning, there is no better option than It’s a Dog’s World.

This funny and entertaining film allows your staff the opportunity to experience a day-in-the-lives of Bob and his dog, Max. After both are injured, they are seen by their respective healthcare providers. And while Bob is treated not-too-well at his healthcare facility, Max receives the royal treatment at his vet's office.

Today’s healthcare organizations are judged heavily on their ability to provide a satisfying experience for their patients. Simple things like friendly faces, accommodating service and a respectful attitude make all the difference. This program will help you raise the bar on patient care.

Made exclusively for healthcare, the humor of It's a Dog's World will relax your audience from the start, then open minds to the serious bottom-line message: patient satisfaction is central to your organization's survival.

Healthcare employees will learn:

  • The components of good and poor patient service
  • The consequences of poor service
  • How patients judge the quality of healthcare
  • The value of continued quality improvement

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish (dubbed), Hebrew (subtitled)

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It's a Dog's World
reviewed by 5 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This is a superb customer service awareness film! It's fun, informative and creative, and I smiled from beginning to end at the contrast between Bob's care and the care his lovable pet receives. Healthcare professionals will definitely see the importance of customer service from their patient's point of view.

  • Amusing, engaging and to the point.
  • Bob, and the situations he finds himself in, are easy to relate to.
  • The healthcare professionals never have an opportunity to turn things around; they don't know that they lost Bob due to their actions.
2 out of 9 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Caroline Sucheski - Training Specialist
The "It's a Dog's World" video has been around for awhile, but it doesn't get old! Anyone who interacts with patients - from the receptionist to the doctor to the billing representative - has to be dedicated to customer service and this film certainly makes it clear how important that interaction is. The story is simple and sweet, but the message is strong and inspiring.

1 out of 1 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Scott Orr - Sutter Gould Medical Foundation
I like the examples that are used in the video, as most of our patient complaints are things very similar. I also liked the way that the patient reacted, i.e., didn't complain, never told anyone, etc., as that is the way most patients react, only a small percentage actually complain. I felt that the video might have been better if you could have shown how the "characters" could've handled the situation better. Overall it good, entertaining, to the point, and the situations and points are easily memorable.

    Oscar Ilorente - Mount Sinai Medical Center
The content was outdated for today's situations. I didn't feel that it was entertaining enough to maintain motivation and interest. Unfortunately, customers are more hostile in thier speaking and manners.
    Linda Ruedy - Kaiser Permanente NW Region
Realistic scenario - my vet is easier to access than my doctor too! The employees who reviewed with me were able to relate to the situations and readily understood what was wrong. Video would work best with high functioning team who needed a "refresher" on skills. I didn't receive the leader's guide, so was unclear on how to emphasize the learning points.

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