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Technical Difficulties

"Help me, to help you." - Jerry Maguire

"I am having problems playing your DVD on my COMPUTER." 

If you are using a Windows based PC with a Windows Media Player, unfortunately you must install software which enables DVD playback. Sadly, even though Windows Media Player is pre-installed and running on Windows, it does not always mean you can automatically play DVDs. Go figure. What you need is called a "MPEG-2 codec" and typically it is installed when you load a dedicated third-party DVD playback software on that computer. (Windows DVD PlayerWinDVD, PowerDVD, etc.)

If you are unable to install software due to corporate policy, then perhaps these links to Microsoft will assist:;en-us;Q306331

On rare occasions, you may find that older computers have a CD or optical drive, but NOT an actual DVD drive. It's worth checking! 

And finally, please ensure that the shiny surface of the disc is clean and does not have scratches, fingerprints or the remains of your hastily consumed breakfast on it. To clean the disc, wipe with a non-abrasive dry cloth, from the centre to the edge of the disc slowly and gently.

" I am getting, "Region Code Errors" when I try to play your DVD."

Our DVDs are produced and manufactured in the same way as any other commercial "Hollywood" DVD. They are encoded to play back in "ALL REGIONS." In other words, they should play without issue but are also copy protected using industry methods.

Sometimes these methods may throw your DVD playback software a curve ball! We have seen "region code" errors when trying to play our discs using certain commercial DVD playback software because they expect to see only "Region One". Again, our DVDs are encoded to play back in "All Regions," so that our customers may enjoy our programs across the planet! If your playback software balks at an "All Region" DVD, please see if there's an update to that software. To be blunt, our DVDs are not at fault, the over zealous application of "region coding" within whatever commercial software you are using may be the problem.

"I am having problems accessing the Documents on the DVD." (Leader's Guide, Powerpoint presentation, etc.)

First, double check the instructions which are on the DVD, on the "Leaders' Guide" menu page.

Most importantly, the DVD must be in a COMPUTER and NOT in a stand-alone DVD player. If you are trying to access the Leader's Guide on a dedicated DVD player, you will have to remove it and put it into a computer.

Once you have the DVD in a computer, navigate your way to the DVD drive on the computer. This might be under My Computer, or above your Home Folder. It will be clearly labeled with the title of the DVD you purchased, such as, Give 'Em The Pickle DVD. (or whatever DVD you purchased). Open that drive by double-clicking it. (If your DVD program happens to starts playing, ignore it, just minimize it, and go back to the files on the DVD drive) You should see the Leader's Guide file there as a PDF document.  Just double click that and you are set.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, you can download it for free from:

Adobe - Download Adobe Reader

If you do have Acrobat installed, again, simply double click on the PDF and it will fire up the program and voila! there it is. Or you can start Acrobat first, then go File > Open and navigate to the DVD drive on your computer. Once there, you will see the PDF document; choose it and click OPEN and it will open up.

If you are trying to access the Powerpoint file on the DVD, but you do not have Powerpoint installed, you have a couple of free options.

You can download and install either of these free, "office" type applications that will enable you to open up any Powerpoint file:

Libre Office
Apache Open Office
Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer

Or if you have a Gmail account, you also have access to Google's Drive (formerly called "Google Docs"). This product allows you open up Powerpoint slides, amongst other things.

Hope this helps. These are the top three tech questions we get.