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We are each responsibile for our part in keeping America safe. Our security programs will help you prepare, plan, and stay informed.

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Teamwork in Crisis: Miracle of Flight 232

A CRM Release

Teamwork in Crisis is the unforgettable story of the crash of United Airlines Flight 232 and how the unprecedented teamwork of all involved turned what could have been a major tragedy ...into a miracle.

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Emergency Action Plan: Crisis Under Control

With new threats facing our society today, an Emergency Action Plan is required not only for OSHA compliance, but also for survival. Make sure your facility has a plan in place by following the guidelines provided in this program.

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Incident Command System: When Seconds Count

This award-winning training program will help you to establish an emergency response plan, respond to an incident and demonstrate tips to get the situation under control.

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Incident Command System: When Duty Calls

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) was established by the federal government to help all responders work together. This program will help emergency responders and those responsible for your facility know their roles and responsibilities in an emergency.

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Public Building Security: It's Everyone's Concern

Public buildings are no longer as safe as they once were. Tear down the dangers with these solid safety measures.

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Facility Security The Critical Link

Most emergency situations arise with very little warning, and we now know that a terrorist attack can strike in any form. This training highlights important points in maintaining facility security and explains that in an emergency situation, human intelligence is the critical link.

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Port Security: We're Counting On You

The security of our nation’s ports is paramount in defending against foreign and domestic terrorist threats. Train your employees to comply with 33 CFR Part 105 and keep our ports safe.

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Port Security for Visitors, Vendors And Contractors

This cutting-edge program outlines port security measures for maintaining safety of visitors, vendors and contractors. Ensure those entering your workplace understand and comprehend the safety requirements as mandated by the Maritime Transportation Act of 2002.

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Biological & Chemical Threats: Closing The Door

Miami Vice star Philip Michael Thomas explains how each and every employee can work together to eliminate chemical and biological threats in the workplace.

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Media Relations for Law Enforcement

Dealing with crooks is a straightforward affair but with reporters, it's a different ball game. Law enforcement must handle media relations with tact, skill, diplomacy and subtlety. For good reason as the press can build or destroy your reputation.

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Getting Real about Workplace Violence

This highly-effective training program enables organizations to build employee and manager awareness and ability in these areas:

  • Recognizing the potential for workplace violence in its earliest stages
  • Taking action when needed—whether that’s early, preventative action or decisive, life-saving action in response to an extreme workplace violence event.

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