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Lessons from Ground Zero: Emergency Action Plan
Program length: 28:00

Lessons from Ground Zero: Emergency Action Plan introduces some of the experts who protected the rescuers during the World Trade Center evacuations, both on February 26, 1993 and again on September 11, 2001. Your employees will go behind the scenes of these tragic events and learn from real-life experiences how to protect your facility in the event of such disasters. By planning for the unthinkable and creating the best possible evacuation plan, you can ensure safety in the face of tragedy. Your employees will learn about:

  • Controlling the chaos created by any emergency event
  • Maintaining safe practices during emergency response
  • Providing emergency teams with blueprints for each of your facilities
  • Dealing with dangers posed by onsite hazardous materials and biohazards
  • Dealing with hazards of working on/through piles of debris
  • Protecting against respiratory hazards
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Decontamination of personnel and equipment

Lessons from Ground Zero: Emergency Action Plan is directed primarily to the emergency action team responsible for creating, implementing and refining your EAP.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


A DuPont Sustainable Solutions release

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Lessons from Ground Zero: Emergency Action Plan
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