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Healthcare-Associated Infections: Prevention and Control
Program length: 19:00

The CDC estimates that healthcare-associated infections endanger more than 1 million patients each year and account for 90,000 deaths annually. Don't become part of the statistics! Costly legal action and loss of life are a high price to pay for lack of prevention.

Healthcare-Associated Infections: Prevention and Control explains the common causes of healthcare-associated infections and details prevention measures you and your staff can implement in your facility.

Your employees will learn:

  • Standard CDC precautions
  • Different ways infections are transmitted
  • How to protect themselves and others from spreading the contagions


Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


A DuPont Sustainable Solutions release

This product is no longer available for purchase. Please call 800-408-5657 if you need assistance.


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Healthcare-Associated Infections: Prevention and Control
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