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Behavioral Interviewing: Taking the Guess Work Out of Recruiting
Program length: 26:00

Behavioral Interviewing: Taking the Guess Work Out of Recruiting shows how to conduct an effective interview. It shows that past behavior is the key to predicting future performance. Rather than using intuition (I'll know them when I see them), an interviewer can use the questioning techniques demonstrated to retrieve relevant information based on past experiences.

A candidate's qualifications, experiences, posts they've held, level of responsibilities taken are all important details that you need to know. But the unanswered question is 'how will they actually perform in the precise job you're advertising?' Behavioral Interviewing: Taking the Guess Work Out of Recruiting will help you answer that question.

Behavioral Interviewing: Taking the Guess Work Out of Recruiting will demonstrate the importance of conducting a thorough review of job requirements and how it relates to formulating interview questions. This will allow for easier extraction of behavioral examples during the actual interview as well as streamline the rating process of the interviewee’s skills against the job specifics.

Because behavioral interviewing is a technique that is so important, so effective and always successful, it needs to be used consciously and systematically in every selection interview.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Behavioral Interviewing: Taking the Guess Work Out of Recruiting
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    Mary Tunis - Adjunct Faculty
Top notch program. Really gives a great look at how to conduct interviews that effectively identify the real best candidate for the job.

This video provided an excellent diagnostic look at how an organization can conduct an interview, mistakenly select what appears to be a great candidate, and unfortunately discover the person hired had none of the characteristics the organization was looking for.

Most managers can relate to this!!!

The behavioral interview tools will equip your managers with the tools to identify and recognize attractive false answers and stories.

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