More Than a Gut Feeling IV
Program length: 28:00
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In this revised and updated version, further consideration is given to the idea of uncovering behavioral predictors. More Than a Gut Feeling IV also provides meaningful insight on how a thorough job analysis can be the basis for developing effective BBI questions.

More Than a Gut Feeling IV shows how this approach is behavioral because of its emphasis on gaining specific examples of what a person has done in order to predict what that person will do. It is based on the premise that behavior predicts. People tend to perform in the future in the same way that they performed in the past.

Two strangers, Ann and Will, strike up a conversation about interviewing practices while sitting next to each other on an airplane. Will has had previous problems hiring the “right” person because he doesn’t know what questions to ask during an interview. Ann gives specific examples of how she uses behavioral-style interviewing to avoid making conclusions based on her gut feeling. Will follows Ann’s techniques and successfully conducts his own interview!

More Than a Gut Feeling IV is rooted in behavioral science and will provide invaluable insight and unparalleled expertise while teaching members of your organization how to:

  • Plan a logical, structured interview that includes pre-planned interview questions
  • Recognize the importance of developing an interview plan based on thorough knowledge of the job
  • Understand that a behavioral example is a specific life-history event that can be used to determine the presence or absence of a skill
  • Probe further and seek out behavioral predictors
  • Use interviewing techniques that allow for interviewer control
  • Explain why it is important to make selection decisions based on facts and information, not on gut feeling
  • Explain why the concept of “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior” is so important in the behavioral-based interview process
  • Recognize why some questions cannot be legally asked in the interview process

More Than a Gut Feeling IV contains a wealth of valuable job-related interviewing techniques that will you build your best team while saving time and money. After completion of this training package, managers will be more apt to refrain from judging a candidate on gut feeling by:

  • Asking rapport-building questions
  • Discussing the job
  • Taking notes and explaining why
  • Asking specific, open-ended questions to get specific answers
  • Probing for behavioral predictors
  • Allowing for silence if necessary
  • Maintaining control
  • Getting contrary evidence
  • Evaluating

This program applies these techniques to the most common interviewing situations and helps you to refrain from judging the candidate on intuition.

Languages: English, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese (subtitle), Spanish


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More Than a Gut Feeling IV
reviewed by 3 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
More Than a Gut Feeling discusses and demonstrates past behavioral interviewing in a practical and memorable way. The information is straightforward and well supported by the scenarios. Any manager or supervisor who interviews and hires will benefit from this program.

  • Interesting and informative.
  • Strong learning points supported by realistic interview examples.
  • Excellent discussion about contrary evidence.
  • Some viewers may find the ending predictable and silly.
3 out of 3 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Susan Gutierrez - Goodwill Southern California
I am a trainer in a company where the concepts of emotional intelligence and behavioral interviewing are new. We are currently adapting core competencies for values-based behavior, and slowly I find the level of interest growing for new skills in interviewing. This is the first video I have found that supports what I have been teaching - on my own - for years. Additionally, it has real-life, believable scenarios and is structured to provide a complete training package without hiring any outside speakers or materials. Thank you!
0 out of 1 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Diane Samsonavicius - US Army AMCOM Learning Resource Center
I use the More Than a Gut Feeling I in closing my Interviewing Techniques and Tips class. Our organization is developing one-hour lunch and learn classes for government employees. More Than a Gut Feeling I, II and III would be a good video series to use in a three-month program in Interviewing lunch and learn classes. These videos would keep the discussion on track and within the time constraints. I will recommend the use of these videos to my supervisor.

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