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Always funny, always fun and always something to learn in these highly entertaining programs.

John Cleese

Helping Hand Video

The Helping Hand is an award-winning manager training video starring John Cleese at his finest that will ensure that managers understand both the need for coaching and, more importantly, how to coach.

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Who Sold You This, Then?

When Charlie, a service repair man, is called out to a number of typical service scenarios, he manages to criticize everything that's important to his business - the products he services, the customer, the salesperson they originally dealt with and even the company he works for. Starring Hugh Laurie and narrated by John Cleese, this is can't miss training.

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The Unorganized Manager

John Cleese stars in the management training classic, The Unorganized Manager. This epic tale conveys the vital importance of effective time management in a way that is creative and humorous. Our disorganized manager gets a second chance from St. Peter (John Cleese) after creating strife for himself and everyone around him with ineffective time management. Over the course of the series, he will find tools and techniques

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Meetings, Bloody Meetings (Updated Version)

"I've got to go to a meeting". It's a phrase that makes most people's hearts sink. Featuring the inspring, comedic talents of John Cleese, this update of the classic management training video defines the five disciplines that transform a gathering into a professionally run business meeting.

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The Balance Sheet Barrier

The Balance Sheet Barrier training video, starring John Cleese is a world-famous Video Arts video that helps take the fear out of financial documents and complex supervisory concepts. Although accounts might never become a manager's favorite topic, The Balance Sheet Barrier does at least make them understandable.

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Straight Talking Video

Starring John Cleese, this video is another quirky and humorous drama by Video Arts and helps to equip people with the confidence to get their views and ideas noticed. 

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Performance Matters: The Need for Constructive Criticism

This humorous film from Video Arts shows managers how to employ criticism at a performance appraisal as a means of preventing the recurrence of mistakes and improve staff performance at the same time.

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On The Receiving End

Customers who are difficult or helpless are every call center operator’s worst nightmare. However, it often requires more than just a good telephone manner to deal with these types of people—good training is essential.

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An Inside Job: Meeting Internal Customer Needs

A classic from John Cleese, this hilarious, over-the-top Video Arts film starring Hugh Laurie of TV's "House" fame addresses the importance of good internal customer service and how it dramatically affects external customer satisfaction. While the scenarios may be wildly exaggerated, the messages behind them really hit home.

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Can You Spare a Moment?

John Cleese stars in Can You Spare a Moment?, a communication skill training comedy from Video Arts which shows that even the most delicate situation can be overcome when using appropriate counseling techniques.

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Telephone Behavior: The Rules of Effective Communication

Every call is important. This program shows that behavior and attitude can directly influence, both negatively and positively, the outcome of every call. John Cleese helps you focus on the latter.

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The Complete Hell Series

When serious issues are on the table, sometimes all a meeting needs is some levity to lighten the mood. With compilations designed for all types of occupations, The Complete Hell Series aims to entertain while staying on the topic of work. Some of the funniest British comedians, including John Cleese, perform in these classic training clips.

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More Bloody Meetings

John Cleese again, as the guilty manager in this original sequel to Meetings, Bloody Meetings. He dreams he is back in court, charged with neglecting the human aspect of his business meetings.

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