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Turn the Tide Towards Respect

The voyage to a more inclusive, respectful workplace starts with a great overview training film. We recommend “How Was Your Day?“ Getting Real about Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying as the place to start. Learning professionals agree: this 8-time award-winning film introduces the topics of bias and inclusion to your staff in an engaging way.

The film’s accompanying Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint presentation, and Employee Handbook provide an assortment of assessments and activities to augment and simplify the trainer’s job.

Once your team is primed, they’ll be ready for films that go deeper, including topics on unconscious bias, stereotypes and diversity.

Media Partners delivers this content in the way you want it – streaming, MP4, DVD, USB, or as part of our entire library offered on a subscription basis.


We’re the leading provider of original, high quality soft skill training films that employees actually look forward to watching. With captivating content, you can change behavior.