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MANAGER MOMENTS: How to Build a High-Performing Team

This new Manager Moments micro-learning series helps managers understand the natural stages of a team and what they can do to take their team’s performance to a higher level.

The seven videos (6-7 minutes each) provide short blasts of wisdom on:

  • How to Assess Team Strengths and Needs
  • How to Build Team Unity
  • How to Diagnose Team Problems
  • How to Improve Team Communication
  • How to Mediate a Dispute
  • How to Restore Team Unity
  • Understanding the Stages of a Team

Accompanying the videos are reproducible job aids and a Characteristics of High-Performing Teams poster.

Media Partners delivers this content in the way you want it – streaming, MP4, DVD, USB, or as part of our entire library offered on a subscription basis.

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