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United for change.
Media Partners is united with those working to end systemic racism.
Our Commitment.

Media Partners' Diversity Code of Conduct

Media Partners is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse work environment for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, age, disability (physical or mental), sexual orientation, gender identity, parental status, marital status, and political affiliation as well as gender expression, socioeconomic status, background or physical appearance.

  • We are united by our core values and the common mission of our company to provide the highest quality training in socially important areas that truly make a positive and enduring difference for both the companies we work with and their employees.
  • We recognize that there are systemic racial and discrimination issues facing our society. Media Partners is committed to addressing and working on these vital issues through our words, products and actions on behalf of our employees, partners and customers. 
  • We believe that expressing our values and being accountable to one another reinforces respect and provides us a clear path to follow. We commit to upholding and evolving this code as our team or our environment changes.


Media Partners holds itself accountable to living these values and helping others do the same. Please reach out to us if you have thoughts and ideas on how we can improve our diversity and inclusion products and services, or if there are resources we might provide to help your organization achieve its goals in this area.