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Sexual Harassment Training Resources

There are dozens of sexual harassment training videos on our website! When it comes to this issue, each organization has its unique training needs and we like to offer the variety needed.

Still, the search can be daunting. Please feel free to give us a call for recommendations. 
We've made a few suggestions below.

NOTE:  If you are looking for a turnkey solution compliant with New York State/City Sexual Harassment Prevention mandates, see our New York Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Bundle.

I. For comprehensive training that educates employees and managers on sexual harassment and compels them to reflect on their own behaviors and make changes where needed, we recommend this combination of products. They can be purchased for individual self-paced learning or instructor-led training.

  • Tonesetter for Harassment Prevention/Respectful Workplace: "How Was Your Day?" (a new video known for its relatable and realistic tone and ability to help viewers connect with the difficult topics of bias, harassment, diversity and bullying*).
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention: Let's Get Honest and He Said, She Said Package (Let's Get Honest takes an engaging, insightful, and occasionally humorous approach to a very serious topic. It provides honest and practical solutions to a variety of workplace issues ranging from flirting to clueless behavior and illegal, predatory harassment. He Said She Said provides interactive vignettes for identifying and discussing different types of inappropriate and illegal behaviors. After listening to all sides of a story, your employees will have the opportunity to discuss the complexities of inappropriate workplace behavior.)

II. For quick sexual harassment training that provides the pertinent information in a straightforward manner, see:

Both can be purchased for individual self-paced online learning or instructor-led training.

III.  If you're interested in an interactive online sexual harassment training course, please call and ask to see a demo of our Let's Get Honest/He Said, She Said elearning.  

*Note:  Bullying is well-covered in "How Was Your Day?".  If additional training is needed to meet CA mandate AB2053, see Preventing Workplace Bullying.

To help with your training, here are a few complimentary sexual harassment training resources:

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

Bullying Self-Assessment

Reference Tool:
Matrix: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements in NY, NYC and CA

Free Podcasts:

Let's Get Honest
He Said, She Said Part 1
He Said, She Said Part 2

EEOC Facts About SH
TIME's "A Brief History of Sexual Harassment Before Anita Hill"
California Chamber of Commerce's "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace"
Business Insider "6 Signs You're Being Sexually Harassed at Work"