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A Better Way
Program length: 15:00

A Better Way is an engaging documentary that uses three different examples to show how people can work together to solve problems.

In the first example, a retail organization challenged with street vendors at their storefronts decides not to view the vendors' presence as an impediment, but rather an opportunity for increased success through cooperation. The result? Each business is enhanced and customers enjoy the convenience of a full range of goods in one location. 

In the second example, a grocery chain trying to gain market share in the sale of fresh fish knows they need a better-quality product from their supplier. They express this and through collaboration with the supplier are able to increase the quality of their product resulting in an increase in profitability for both firms.

In the final example, a retail store's young manager realizes that being in the center of town keeps his store from a large base of potential customers dependent on bus transportation. The answer? Open a store near the depot. Doing so allows them to increase profitability at both stores and make customers happy.

A Better Way is part of Stephen Covey's Lessons in Leadership 4-Part Series Set. For more information on the complete series and other titles in the set, please click here.

Languages Available: English

Produced by FranklinCovey. Master-distributed by CRM Learning/Media Partners

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A Better Way
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