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A Passion for Excellence with Tom Peters video
Program length: 63:00

There is a revolution underway, in business, government, and education, people are challenging the “gospel,” thinking the unthinkable, and achieving the impossible. Behind it all are people who have a passion for excellence.

In this classic best-selling program, Tom Peters highlights the creative methods and accomplishments of some of these “hang tough, never-say-die” individuals. You will hear about Air Force Ret. General Bill Creech who motivated airmen onto being better maintenance and support people through the use of medals, medallions, and flags. You will hear about Baltimore Mayor, Donald Shafer who “sold” potholes to promote city restoration… and much more!

The Key Learning Points include:

  • Target areas of individual competence that determine long term excellence
  • Foster superior, unswerving customer service
  • Encourage and support creativity, innovation, and risk taking
  • Promote caring leadership as an inspiring model of superior performance

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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A Passion for Excellence with Tom Peters video
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
Although dated, this program reinforces the importance of focusing on the basics: customers and innovation. The common sense, sound business practices that Tom Peters highlights are motivating, but my favorite part of this program is his well-known discussion of MBWA, which always makes me smile.

  • Real life stories are inspiring.
  • Very dated.

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