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Focus Your Vision
Program length: 20:00

How can we find our direction...our purpose?

When we combine our energy and passion with our focused visions, we give ourselves direction and power. Dewitt Jones' (Celebrate What's Right With the World, Everyday Creativity) third training video, Focus Your Vision, encourages us to develop our visions and turn them into reality.

When we connect with our visions, and in doing so release our passion, we have a better understanding of who we are, what we stand for and where we are going. As Dewitt Jones says, "Dream the dream, find that extraordinary vision, and keep it in focus."

Focus Your Vision's Key Learning Points...

  • Keep Your Vision Focused-When we focus our visions, we find their purpose.
  • Stop, Look and Listen-Great visions don't leap out to meet us. To find one, we need to slow down and really understand what's happening.
  • Hold On To the Best, Let the Rest Fall Away-Intellect helps us find which parts of our visions are truly important and which to get rid of.
  • Trust Your Intuition-If we learn to trust it, our intuition can reveal spectacular visions.
  • It's Not Trespassing to Go Beyond Your Own Boundaries-Taking risks and expanding our horizons helps us turn visions into reality.
  • Make Your Vision Big Enough-The really big visions should never be focused too tightly.
  • Do You Have Juice In Your Camera?- Juice is the passion, the energy needed to realize our visions.

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Focus Your Vision
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This is a beautiful, upbeat, and motivational program. National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones uses his camera to offer insight about vision and focus at work and in one's life. He offers sound advice when he suggests that we stop, listen and look around us, and that we slow down our life in an effort to find clear, focused vision to solve our every day problems and guide our lives. But, I was left wondering about the specifics of how to do that.

  • Beautiful scenery
  • Anectdotal stories add interest
  • Could more strongly support learning points with discussion of how to apply them

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