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Program length: 1:54:00 total running time (Avg. time per video 5-8 minutes)

LEAD NOW! can be used as a complete leadership development system for leaders at all levels. Through a mini-video library and accompanying materials, it provides instruction and insights on 21 leadership dimensions in 4 quadrants: Creating Purpose, Delivering Excellence, Developing Self & Others, and Leading Change

Learners first complete a Dimension Survey to identify which areas to focus on first. From there, they  can watch the videos for these (or any other) dimensions and work through the corresponding Individual Action Plans.  

Quadrant I: Create Purpose
Videos include: Customer Focus, Effective Communication, Presentation Skills, Strategic Thinking

Quadrant II: Deliver Excellence
Videos include: Decision Making, Delegating, Dependability, Focusing on Results, Personal Integrity, Problem Solving

Quadrant III: Develop Self & Others
Videos include: Coaching, Ego Management, Listening, Personal Development, Team Building, Time Management, Valuing Others

Quadrant IV: Lead Change
Videos include: Change Management, Innovation, Inspiring Commitment, Organizational Savvy

All videos stand alone and run 5-8 minutes in length. For previewing purposes, they have been combined under their respective quadrants. (To preview, click on Free FULL Preview above, select Video-only, and select a quadrant. The videos for each quadrant will play back-to-back in the order shown above.)

Woven into the LEAD NOW! content are 22 Leadership Lessons (timeless stories for the modern leader), 52 Leadership Gems (practical and quick leadership insights) and 150+ Leadership Power Tips. An Individual Development Plan with step-by-step instructions and experiential exercises is provided for each dimension.

The LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model covers everything from basic to advanced competencies. It provides the foundation for any personalized leadership development effort—whether it is a coaching engagement, a workshop, or a larger leadership program. Using the model will help identify and improve the behaviors needed to increase the success of leading others and achieving desired organizational results.

The LEAD NOW! Classroom Package gives you the flexibility to lead a session over the entire LEAD NOW! Mini-Video Program or use individual modules to address a smaller number of skill sets. It comes with a DVD or USB containing all 22 videos plus a Facilitator Guide that outlines 60 minute training sessions for each video. You also receive Facilitator's Notes, reproducible Participant Worksheets, PowerPoint Slide Deck Templates, Dimension Surveys,  Reinforcement Templates, and Desk References.

LEAD NOW! Self-Paced eLearning offers learners immediate help in everyday leadership situations. Designed to be practical, quick, and easy-to-use, the eLearning includes: a Self-Paced Administrator Guide, online access to all 22 videos, the Dimension Survey, and 21 Self-paced eLearning Worksheets that include lessons, gems, reflections, power tips and individual development plans.  To preview the eLearning, scroll to the top of this page, click on Free FULL Preview, and then select eLearning.

Validated LEAD NOW! Self Assessments can be purchased separately. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: Streaming orders include the video segments only.

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Languages: English


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DVD, USB*, ONLINE & Support Materials
Purchase $1,995.00
Purchase $1,995.00

If you need more information or have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-408-5657.

This program is available for delivery through your LMS (either streaming or eLearning in SCORM format).

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