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Leadership: Influence, Incentives & Knowledge - L.I.N.K.
Program length: 25:00

Football’s winning coaches Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, and Bobby Bowden talk about how to be a successful leader in this fast-paced training program. These coaches have an amazing track record! Now you can take their core lessons and apply them to your job. 

The Leadership: Influence, Incentives, and Knowledge – L.I.N.K. DVD includes two separate programs: An 25-minute short cut and an extended 39-minute version. 

The Leadership: Influence, Incentives, and Knowledge training program is deigned to help develop leaders at all levels and is carefully sectioned into five easy-to-follow aspects a good leader must focus on. These include:

  • Part 1: Incentives – Learn to show people you care. Use incentives to encourage your associates at work. This segment will show you how to command more influence by putting the world’s greatest incentive techniques to work.
  • Part 2: Personal Psychology – You need to understand people to motivate them... and to get the most out of yourself. Understand the importance of listening, taking risks and reward recognition.
  • Part 3: Body Language – Learn how to harness the physical aspect of your power as well as the mental aspect. Understand that your reputation matters.
  • Part 4: Group Dynamics – Learn how to work better with a group – and to influence those around you. Focus on consistency, enthusiasm, team success, and empowerment. Create an environment of mutual support and respect.
  • Part 5: Integration – Pull all these ideas together in a formula for leadership success. Learn how to focus on respect and relationships… Put these ideas into a succinct, actionable game plan.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Leadership: Influence, Incentives & Knowledge - L.I.N.K.
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