Stephen Covey's Lessons in Leadership
Program length: 47:00

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Dr. Stephen Covey, founder and chair of the Covey Leadership Center and author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, brings us an inspirational 4-part series of leadership training programs, Stephen Covey's Lessons in Leadership. The series shifts the paradigm in ways that will surprise even the most seasoned leader.

Stephen Covey's Lessons in Leadership consists of the following four programs (For more information on each individual installment, click the LEARN MORE… following each description):

A Grander Goal (11 minutes) takes a striking look at character, bringing to bear that which is at once the simplest and most complex: love and forgiveness. It’s a story of how one man’s unselfish character is providing direction for young unemployed men in Uganda. LEARN MORE…

Journey to Discovery (14 minutes) tells the tale of a successful writer at a crossroads, a man questioning his life from a personal and professional perspective. Unable to write, he wanders the streets and finds the character he needs to once again take pen in hand. This heartwarming story (and its surprise ending!) will help your leaders rediscover the passion from which breakthroughs and innovations arise. LEARN MORE…

A Better Way (15 minutes) offers a new approach to the concept of ’win-win.’ It’s an intriguing look at three South African retailers, each facing unique challenges to one common concern: increasing profitability. They find increased profits - and more - with customers, vendors and employees by simply shifting from an attitude of competition to one of cooperation. LEARN MORE…

Law of the Harvest (7 minutes) provides an enlightening look at the true meaning of ’reaping what you sow.’ Viewers meet a potato farmer whose story exemplifies that the technology and quick fixes many of us have come to rely on are no substitute for patience, perseverance and preparation. LEARN MORE…

Throughout Stephen Covey's Lessons in Leadership the lesson is clear: there is plenty in this world for everyone if we work with integrity, respect and cooperation. Each is an excellent stand-alone program; used together, they comprise a comprehensive multi-session, leadership training program.

Languages: English

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Stephen Covey's Lessons in Leadership
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