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The Art of Authenticity
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Help your leaders and employees discover the power of authenticity at work!

Whether offered as a complete workshop, eLearning course, or micro-learning performance support tool, The Art of Authenticity can transform your organization and enable teams to achieve higher levels of engagement and productivity. 

Based on the best-selling book by Dr. Karissa Thacker, the course gleans wisdom and insights from over 20 years of practice and consulting with executives and leaders from almost half of the Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Through compelling and entertaining stories, examples, and content, the secrets to becoming a more authentic leader and person are revealed. 

The course consists of 7 Micro-Video Modules Covering: 

  1. Introduction - How to become a more authentic leader (7:00 minutes)
  2. Selves Awareness - Major behaviors of authentic leadership (6:00 minutes)
  3. Act Naturally - The process for discovering your signature contributions (6:30 minutes)
  4. Balancing Act - How and when to use balanced processing (6:30 minutes)
  5. Total Transparency - Tips for understanding truth and leadership (6:30 minutes)
  6. Authenticity GPS - Three rules to encourage relational transparency (6:05 minutes)
  7. Psychological Guardrails - Steps to develop virtue and character (6:30 minutes)

Key Training Points:

  • Understand the definition of “authenticity” at work
  • Learn why authentic behavior is important for success today
  • Discover why your quirks can actually be positive attributes
  • Uncover the secrets of your various “selves"
  • Learn how to balance and process input from your team
  • Find out how to encourage others to be more open and transparent
  • Learn how to have “honest conversations”

To preview any or all of the Art of Authenticity modules —in video or eLearning format— click on Free FULL Preview above. 

Your organization's Leaders, Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Individual Contributors, High Velocity Employees, and others will all benefit from this behavior-enhancing learning experience.

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The Art of Authenticity
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