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The Leadership Alliance with Tom Peters
Program length: 64:00

Tom Peters introduces viewers to three examples of the leadership alliance at work -- a General Motors parts plant, a sausage manufacturer, and a New Hampshire high school. When managers and employees (or students) work together in an alliance of leadership, extraordinary results are possible.

Key learning points:

  • Reveal techniques and strategies successful leaders use
  • Motivate individuals to inspires leadership
  • Define and promote leadership as an alliance between managers and workers

Languages: English, Spanish


A Enterprise Media release

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The Leadership Alliance with Tom Peters
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
Tom Peters' words come to life in the three diverse business examples he highlights in this program. The stories are inspiring and viewers will likely think about each of them and the lessons they share even after the program is over.

  • Interesting and inspiring real-life examples.
  • Dated.

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