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Uncontrolled energy can wreak havoc if not properly contained. Supplement your safety efforts with our lockout/tagout courses.

Lockout Tagout Safety Training

Lockout/Tagout: An Open & Shut Case

Lockout/Tagout procedures are mandatory per OSHA 1910.147 where equipment is used that can unexpectedly release hazardous energy during maintenance or operation. This course will help you comply and be safe.

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Line Breaking: Plan for Success

Having a plan in place is imperative to a successful line breaking operation. Help your employees avoid the hazards.

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Lockout/Tagout: Lightning in a Bottle

Shockproof your lockout/tagout safety measures. This training covers the kinds of energy lockout/tagout can control, lockout/tagout basics, OSHA's LOTO standard, the six steps of lockout/tagout, and removing lockout/tagout devices after a job is complete.

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