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Helping Hand Video
Program length: 37:00

The Helping Hand shows managers that understanding the importance of coaching, and then learning how to coach, is an essential part of their jobs.

In this amusing drama, a manager who obviously knows nothing about coaching is shown that he has plenty to learn. John Cleese helps the manager quickly realize how to identify which tasks each team member could take responsibility for, and coach him or her accordingly. He then learns how to identify exactly where the need for coaching lies, how to conduct the coaching properly, and how to monitor the results.

This comprehensive management video training shows how, with the right teaching, managers are able to improve the performance and engagement levels of employees, and that coaching is an invaluable tool for helping individuals, teams and the business develop cohesively.

Using the proven right-way, wrong-way approach, The Helping Hand offers transparency in learning coaching skills. Utilize this training for all levels of management, and add support to management and leadership objectives.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


A Video Arts release

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Helping Hand Video
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    Marolen Martinez - Impacto Visual
This film is okay, and very interesting to companies.

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