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Jack Cade's Workplace Nightmares
Program length: 147:00

A supervisor's job doesn’t have to be overly complicated. In today's modern workplace simply using a "common-sense approach" will not shield your supervisors and managers from potential liability. A supervisor's decisions or statements that may appear insignificant often lead to trouble and can expose the supervisor and the organization to costly litigation. Supervisors now must comply with an increasing number of laws and regulations - just ask Jack Cade.

Jack Cade's Nightmare I: A Supervisor's Guide to Laws Affecting the Workplace

Reduce the potential liability that all organizations and management staff face on a daily basis. This training program will sensitize supervisors and managers to the problems and legal liabilities that can arise under the rapidly changing labor and employment laws.

Key Training Points:

  • Gain a familiarity of the wide range of employment and labor laws and how they impact supervisors' and managers' daily decisions.
  • Build awareness of the many lesser known employment-related laws.
  • Provide general guidance on how to spot problems and avoid mistakes commonly made by supervisors and managers.
  • Learn the "Watch what you say" rules Audience: New and experienced supervisors and managers.

Jack Cade’s Nightmare II: Double Liability

Conflict management involves carefully mediating between two or more disagreeing parties. Double Liability includes a program intended for both new and experienced supervisors and managers, and also offers a version designed for front-line employees and all non-management staff.


Most supervisors and managers understand that they may be held liable for harassing or abusive conduct against an employee. What many supervisors don't realize is that they can also be held personally liable for failing to respond to reports of harassment, threats of violence, defamation and abusive conduct between their subordinate employees - even when the supervisor is not directly involved.

Key Training Points:

  • Build awareness among managers of the various federal and common law causes of action.
  • How to minimize potential liability.
  • Introduce common legal pitfalls that can trip up well-intentioned managers and supervisors.
  • Notification to supervisors of their liability for their own inappropriate actions and for those of their employees.


Workplace conflict between employees can be offensive, potentially dangerous and disruptive and it is bound to tangle supervisors and management in legal situations. Inappropriate employee conduct hurts others within the organization and exposes managers to legal problems if not dealt with properly. This employee awareness workshop helps communicate several basic common-sense guidelines your employees can follow to help them steer clear of possible disciplinary actions and legal situations.

Key Training Points:

  • Identify what conduct constitutes harassment and defamation.
  • Learn employee's potential liability in a harassment or defamation case.
  • Understanding of potential disciplinary actions for acts of harassment or defamation. Procedures for making complaints to management.

Jack Cade’s Nightmare III: Caught in the Crossfire

It is a supervisor or manager's responsibility to communicate with their employees and upper management accurately, continually and professionally. This two-way role tends to get many managers caught in the crossfire. Through this workshop participants will learn how effective performance management benefits the manager, employee and the organization.

Key Training Points:

  • Improve the manager-employee relationship through continual communication and interaction.
  • Enhance a work environment that is centered on cooperation and partnership.
  • Increase productivity through clear expectations and constant feedback.
  • Develop a more skilled workforce by identifying opportunities for the employee's professional development.


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Jack Cade's Workplace Nightmares
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