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So HELP Me video - Employee Edition
Program length: 16:00

The So HELP Me - Employee Edition video illustrates realistic customer service problems that can frustrate both customers and employees. This training provides solutions to these problems that will satisfy everyone: the customer, the organization and the employee.  

With So HELP Me, employees learn to:

  • Work with policy to solve problems
    • Don't use policy to explain what you can't do; use policy to help people.
  • Take customers directly to what they need
    • When you can't help, take them to someone who can, even if it's outside your department.
  • Take the time to really listen
    • Treat each customer as an individual. Listen until you really hear what their problem is.
  • Treat every customer as your own customer
    • Work with the customer you're talking to. Don't hand customers off to someone else just because they're difficult.
  • Help customers define their needs
    • Help people figure out what they want. Guide them to solutions that meet their needs.

Also Available: 
So HELP Me - Supervisor Edition

(used together these two programs make a powerful combination)

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
So HELP Me video - Employee Edition
reviewed by 3 people
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7 out of 7 people thought the following review was helpful:
    John Shoupe - John Shoupe Training & Development Inc.
I liked the employee edition but I think the supervisor edition was more effective. The DVD might be a little short. Hopefully the facilitators guide contains exercises to reinforce the learning points. I'm getting organizations that want to train intact work groups so a DVD that blended the supervisor and employee material into one presentation would be useful. The learning points are great and are on track with my experience in training customer service for over 10 years.

3 out of 3 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Kimberly Rama - Deluxe Printers
I used this video to train approximately 800 people in one organization. The student reviews gave the film a 4.6 on a 0-5.0 scale. The negative comments were that the material doesn't relate to our setting (typical) and that the acting was only average. I thought the material was very good. I could translate the teaching points into the students environment. The only suggestion would be that the differences between the teaching points were very subtle. Maybe trying to make wider differences would improve the product. Bottom line - I'll continue to use it and am glad I bought it.
    Debbie Lange - Facilitator
This video provides excellent role-playing examples that not only allow employees to relate to situations they have dealt with, but gives employees the ability to see how these same situations can be handled effectively. One of the most frustrating situations that employees face is feeling the helplessness and defensiveness that overtakes them when confronted by an unhappy customer. This video shows employees that every uncomfortable situation can have a comfortable resolution. It also promotes an understanding of the customer's viewpoint, which assists with empathizing (an important part of customer service!) Our team loved the video and plan to purchase it for customer service training.

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