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The Front of the Class
Program length: 24:00

The Front of the Class training video takes us back to school for a refresher course on being in charge.

Being a supervisor is like moving to the front of the class: everyone around you is watching your moves and expecting the best. But it takes more than a promotion or a job title to be a great supervisor. It takes leadership. The backbone of this program is a simple question every supervisor must continually ask themselves: "You only succeed when they do, so what do they need from you to succeed?"

Hilarious recollections of a child's best and worst teachers, the moving story of a classroom hero, flashbacks to the teacher's pet and everyone's favorite homework excuses bring wisdom, warmth and a sense of humor to a memorable lesson on the qualities of a true leader.

The Front of the Class's Key Learning Points...

  • Be FIRST
    • Set the Mood
    • Set the Pace
    • Set the Standards
  • Be FAIR
    • Don't Play Favorites
    • Share the Credit
    • Take the Heat
  • Be FIRM
    • State the Facts
    • Get Agreement
    • Explore for a Solution
    • Assume the Best
    • Make Room for Good Ideas
    • Admit When Wrong

The purchase package for the DVD and USB contains all 3 versions: Corporate, Industrial and Government.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish (dubbed), German (subtitled), Hebrew (subtitled), Slovak (dubbed)

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The Front of the Class
reviewed by 4 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
The Front of the Class is a great starting place for any new supervisor. With humor and simplicity, The Front of the Class presents basic management principles and challenges that many new supervisors face. First-time supervisors in any business will benefit from the clear message of this training program.

  • Basic tenets of effective management are clearly outlined as specific behaviors.
  • The film addresses realistic challenges many new supervisors face as they transition from being a member of the team to the leader of the team.
  • School setting may initially turn viewers off.
2 out of 4 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Lori Collins - Artemis Leadership Coaching & Consulting
I'm looking for a simple leadership video that works in a multi-cultural setting where most of the people are speaking English as a second language. And where a certain amount of diversity is represented in the video characters. I think I've found that video in Front of the Class. Thanks!
    Rob Harris - Coastline Training and Development, Inc.
The tenets of leadership are sound and very practical. Getting leaders to make behavioral changes based upon showing "The Front of the Class" only may happen, but I believe it would be most effective as part of a more comprehensive instuctor-led or coaching session for leadership development.
    Tony Fernandez-Vinas - OXY Inc.
Great production values. Good mix of humor and pathos. At first, the school setting was a turn off, but I quickly changed my mind. There's solid training wrapped in a quality package. Good job.

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