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The Sid Story Training
Program length: 20:00

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Emmy winner
Dennis Franz is the grumpy manager Sid, whose negative feedback and punishment techniques have made his shift the worst in the company. A business consultant is brought in to give Sid some management advice. Join him as he learns to practice positive reinforcement and eventually coaches his workteam to higher morale and great productivity.

Through a stark contrast to negative reinforcement, The Sid Story illuminates the influence of positive reinforcement on employee attitudes, morale, and productivity. With the help of this training your front line supervisors will learn to establish criteria for measurable success within their team, that will ultimately raise their productivity levels and overall employee effectiveness.

Key Learning Points are:

  • How to establish a positive working climate in which employees know what is expected of them
  • How to measure performance and give employees feedback
  • How to increase positive observations
  • How to give employees the opportunity to be winners 

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, French Canadian, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


A Sollah Interactive release

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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
The Sid Story Training
reviewed by 2 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
Although this film is engaging to watch, I was confused by the relationship between Sid and the business consultant. It seemed like Sid was teaching the consultant (and the company exec) which left me wondering what happened to make Sid change. Or more appropriately, if he knew how to do it all along, why was his shift in trouble? That said, however, the film leaves you feeling like you can turn things around for your group like Sid did with his.

  • Sid is inspiring because he's a hard-nosed manager who makes it all look so easy.
  • Film captures your interest and makes you wonder what's going to happen next.
  • There wasn't a pivotal event that turned Sid around.
    Tracy Johnson - Trainer
I can honestly say had the main character, Sid, not been someone that was recognizable, I would have stopped viewing the program. This program might be of benefit for warehouse/plant type employment, but the company I work for is in the financial industry, it did not connect with what we live with. Granted, scoring employees work can be used with any type of profession, it seems to degrade the employee that doesn’t or can’t score well. We want to encourage all employees; “Potts” was ridiculed not only by Sid but by fellow co-workers. Self-esteem is a major aspect with all employees, we want to encourage not discourage. Having offered rewards to the employees may have helped Sid acquire his shift’s quota, but giving a big reward if everyone does 100% or more put too much stress on Potts –viewers could see this just by watching him. Hanging him on the coat hook didn’t do a lot either for his ego or self worth. Positive communication and private correction is the path all supervisors need to look at. I did not get that positive reaction from this program. Sorry, but I would have to say nah to this video.

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