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Would I Work For Me?
Program length: 20:00

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Trying to get the most out of the people you supervise, trying to get them to go that extra mile, isn't always easy. But most employees will tell you that what affects their productivity more than anything else is their immediate supervisor.

Designed specifically for manufacturing and industrial managers, Would I Work For Me? demonstrates a supervisor's behavior in realistic situations -- first as a newly appointed supervisor, and then as a more experienced manager who has learned from his mistakes. Viewers will learn 8 effective management skills that improve motivation, productivity and the bottom line. This is essential training for all front-line managers and supervisors.

Participants will learn these Keys to Effective Management Practices:

  1. Share Information
  2. Get People Involved
  3. Listen to People's Concerns
  4. Take Action to Show You Care
  5. Tell People What They're Doing Right
  6. Focus on Solutions, Not Problems
  7. Deal with Mistakes Privately
  8. Use Mistakes as Opportunities to Help

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Languages: English, Spanish


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Would I Work For Me?
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    Mike Rauschenberger - Challenge Manufacturing
I felt the material was easy to understand and was realistic. I liked the pause and narration between examples to support the main learning points. Not only did the video demonstrate the learning points but also defined them separately.

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