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Lifeline Series - Meeting Openers
Program length: 11:00

This is a great way to start a meeting.

The Lifeline Series is a fun and positive approach to the workplace, addressing important issues of attitude, conflict and stress. This three-pack is a one-two-punch at some of the most pervasive problems in the workplace today.

UNLOCKING CONFLICT! - 3:00 minutes

Need the keys to unlock conflict around your office? Look no further! Unlocking Conflict! offers fast-paced, entertaining tools to handle conflict, from positive reinforcement of tried-and-true methods, to new ideas for helping solve conflict issues in the workplace. Any way you look at it, the Unlocking Conflict! meeting opener is a great way to facilitate workplace harmony!

Unlocking Conflict! offers:

  • Easily implementable solutions to workplace conflict.
  • Innovative methods to help reduce conflict in many different situations.
  • Fun music and progressive animations to engage the audience.

STRESS TACKLERS! - 4:00 minutes

Time to tackle stress around your workplace? In this fast-paced and entertaining meeting opener, 20 helpful Stress Tacklers! are presented to assist anyone in managing day-to-day stress. Informative and fun, Stress Tacklers! is a great way to learn how to take control of stress in the workplace.

Stress Tacklers! offers:

  • Practical and innovative solutions to handling personal and workplace stress.
  • Helpful methods to achieve harmonious workplaces and good stress-reduction practices.
  • Inspiring and energetic animations set to exciting music, which grabs attention and entertains while educating.


This program sets the tone and stage for employees and managers to approach the workday, and any issues that may arise, with a positive attitude and a smile. Health, productivity and happiness are all affected by one's attitude at work, and in life, and this vibrant new meeting opener addresses all these issues. Using bright and energetic animations, exciting music and thought-provoking messages, the Activating Attitude! is sure to get you and your audience off to a great start, no matter what the meeting is about!

Activating Attitude! offers:

  • Great tips to gain a positive attitude, and keep it!
  • Interesting facts about the power of positive attitudes in the workplace.
  • Inspiring and energetic music to activate a positive attitude in your audience.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Lifeline Series - Meeting Openers
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