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Priorities for Life Series
Program length: 5-6 minutes each

From Dr. Robert K. Cooper, the Priorities For Life™ Series is made up of six distinctive videos. Each program offers a vital and motivational theme, highly practical guidance, and uncommon reminders for bringing out more of the best in ourselves and others.

Every individual in your organization has a unique potential for trust, energy, commitment, and ingenuity, yet most of this capacity is never accessed. These award-winning videos provide brief-yet-vital opportunities to renew energy and focus more clearly on what really matters. Choose all or any from the following 6 programs:

Leadership - Provides uncommon yet ultra-practical guidance on making a difference and achieving priority results through people. The powerful quotations and thoughts that follow will motivate any leader to re-focus and re-connect with a sense of purpose. (5 minutes)

PrioritiesHow making a commitment to focus your energy and attention on what matters most in work and life, and to stand by that commitment. Viewers are inspired to focus their energy and attention on those values and behaviors that lead to a more fulfilling existence. (5 minutes) 

ChangeDescribing it as the art of facing challenging circumstances with the ingenuity and courage to keep learning more and contributing more, memorable quotes and inspirational thoughts provide practical guidance on how to let change bring out more of the best in you. (5 minutes)

Capacity & EnergyFocuses on the art of renewing your spirit and liberating more of the hidden genius and vitality in yourself and others. Use this in sessions on leadership, change management, motivation, time mastery, stress reduction, and work-life balance. (5 minutes)

Excelling in a Changing WorldHelps employees focus on specific, practical ways to excel in a pressure filled world, not just doing more of what’s next, but more of what’s possible. Provide inspiration and practical reminders to get up and get going – and create the future. (6 minutes)

Reaching the Next Level and Beyond - A one-of-a-kind source of insights, inspiration and practical encouragement to keep moving past good and great... and reaching for what’s possible. This short and powerful video reminds us to always challenge "the way things are". (5 minutes)

Integrate these videos into training programs such as leadership development, change management, motivation, time mastery, stress reduction, and work-life balance. Whether you want to reach a large group at a convention or a small group of one or two, these videos provide people with memorable, thought-provoking, and actionable reminders. You will use them time and time again.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English


A Vivid Edge release

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Priorities for Life Series
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