Priorities for Life Series
Program length: 36:00

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More than a hundred years ago, William James stated: “Most people live in a very restricted circle of their potential being. We all have reservoirs of energy and genius to draw upon of which we do not dream.”

The Priorities For Life™ Series is made up of six distinctive videos. Each six minute program offers highly practical guidance, a vital and motivational theme, and uncommon reminders for bringing out more of the best in ourselves and others.

Every individual in your organization has a unique potential for trust, energy, commitment, and ingenuity. Yet most of this capacity is never accessed.

The Priorities For Life™ Series provides brief-yet-vital opportunities to renew energy and focus more clearly on what really matters. This business meeting opener series is about bringing out more of the best from yourself and others and consists of the following 6 programs:


The award-winning Leadership module provides uncommon yet ultra-practical guidance on making a difference and achieving priority results through people.


The award-winning Priorities module showcases how to standby the commitment to focus energy and attention on what matters most in leadership and life.


Part 3 in the Priorities for Life centers on Change, describing it as the art of facing challenging circumstances with the ingenuity and courage to keep learning more and contributing more.

Capacity & Energy

The award-winning Capacity & Energy module provides focuses on the art of renewing your spirit and liberating more of the hidden genius and vitality in yourself and others.

Excelling in a Changing World

In truth, we employ less than ten percent of our brilliance or hidden talents in work or life. Help employees focus on specific, practical ways to help them excel in a pressure filled, ever-changing world. Not just doing more of what’s next, but more of what’s possible. Excelling in a Changing World provides inspiration and practical reminders to get up and get going – and create the future.

Reaching the Next Level & Beyond

Based on Robert K. Cooper’s pioneering research on what separates the best from the rest, Reaching THE NEXT LEVEL and Beyond is a one-of-a-kind source of insights, inspiration and practical encouragement to keep moving past good and great and reaching for what’s possible.

Priorities For Life™ videos can be easily integrated into training programs such as leadership development, change management, motivation, time mastery, stress reduction, and work-life balance.

Science has proven that when we get good at something, we subconsciously repeat it over and over until it becomes routine - autopilot. When we’re considered great, we’re automatically primed to defend it, pouring our energies and attention into preserving our newfound greatness and protecting our lead, both which soon tend to vanish.

Whether you want to reach a large group at a convention or a small group of one or two, these videos provide people with memorable, thought-provoking, and actionable reminders. You will use them time and time again.


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Priorities for Life Series
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