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Chocolate: Passion At Work
Program length: 14:41

Chocolate: Passion at Work is much more than a training film. It’s a fun and engaging experiential learning activity that becomes a powerful catalyst for individual and organizational improvement. The video is not intended to stand on its own, but is designed for a group setting and is dependent upon an active leader or facilitator. The experience not only includes a short documentary-style film, but an actual chocolate tasting (yes, it’s a thing) in which participants will savor some of the best chocolate bars in the world. Once all senses are fully engaged from the tasting, the setting is ideal for an animated and productive discussion about passion in the workplace. Done well, this discussion can be the most valuable part of the entire activity. Bring passion back into your workplace with Chocolate: Passion at Work.

Package Contents

This premium product includes one copy ot Chocolate: Passion at Work on DVD and one copy on USB. A Leader's guide is also included. Chocolate for the tasting portion is available for separate purchase.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English


A Artwork Media release

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Chocolate: Passion At Work
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