FISH! Culture
Program length: 18:00

A FISH! Culture empowers employees to be more effective in any job. When a team lives the philosophy, they improve their culture and create better results. Organizations worldwide adopted the FISH! Philosophy to improve teamwork, customer service, employee engagement, retention, recognition and leadership.

Like a house on a solid foundation, every successful organization needs a healthy culture. The FISH! Culture gives you tools to help with:

  • Employee Retention
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Engagement

With additional scenes, commentaries, testimonials and examples, your employees will experience a deeper exploration of how to use the four simple practices. Including the original FISH! Philosophy, viewers will cover 10 Essential Conversations:

  • FISH! Philosophy
  • Be There
  • Play
  • Play Trust & Creativity
  • Make Their Day
  • Choose Your Attitude
  • Passion & Engagement
  • Relationships
  • Communications
  • Who Are You Being?

Plus, there are segments and support just for the Facilitator to help them get started and continue along the journey.

This is one program where everyone participates. The step-by-step process will engage your employees. Focused on Conversation - Action - Reflection, employees will enjoy what they do by participating in actions and by taking ownership for the culture they are helping to create.

Languages: English


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FISH! Culture
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