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Life is Good Training Video
Program length: 24:00

Can you imagine a workplace where people really want to come into work every day? How about working in an organization where employees are optimistic and motivated and deliver great customer service? Imagine that you can bring these ideas to your workplace...You can! 

Life is good and work can be too! is a training program that profiles the apparel company Life is Good, which was founded by two brothers, Bert and John Jacobs. Today, this company is a leader in their field with thousands of products sold worldwide while remaining committed to the positive, optimistic vision of its founders.

In this program, you’ll hear from Life is Good employees, managers, and customers. They’ll talk about the quality of their products and services and how their philosophy provides opportunities for everyone to do what they like and like what they do!

The Life is Good training program is divided into four lessons:

  1. DO WHAT YOU LIKE. LIKE WHAT YOU DO - Watch every employee as they bring passion and fun to work. Learn how to turn challenges into opportunities.
  2. SPREAD GOOD VIBES - See how you can bring your best to every interaction with customers and co-workers.
  3. WHAT WOULD JAKE DO? - Jake is the stick figure with a contagious smile on many of the Life is good products. He represents service, fun, respect, and a common sense approach to work. Employees think about Jake when they are faced with a new task or a challenge at work.
  4. HALF FULL - Become more optimistic... at work and in your life!

By implementing the four lessons you will see improvements in all areas of your organization from customer service to teamwork to daily decision-making.

This program was filmed on location in stores, factories, trade shows, and festivals across the country. Watch and see how the positive attitude of the employees translates into a happier and more productive workplace... and great customer service!

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Life is Good Training Video
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    Jean Tertel - Clorox
This is an inspirational video and well worth the time to preview. I think it's important to see multiple times to get the benefits of the learning points and other valuable messages.

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