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Living the Brand: The Patagonia Story
Program length: 18:04

Explore how Patagonia has achieved this passion and how it uses its mission and values (and storytelling) to create involvement throughout the organization, to break down organizational silos and to achieve focus. Using the inspiration of Patagonia, learners will see how they can work with their organizations brand vision and values to help them make more focused decisions and how they can incorporate environmentally responsible behavior into their work. This can be achieved by following the four key messages laid out in the video:

Inspire Belief: if people are inspired by the idea of what the company stands for, in turn they will inspire others.
Involve People: you can’t simply tell people about the brand, you have to involve all your audiences (internally and externally) in its development.
Live the Values: the brand values acquire relevance and meaning when they are used in day-to-day work.
Culture is Everything: the Patagonia culture is born out of a shared way of thinking and behaving that links back to the purpose and values. Everyone contributes to the culture and the culture helps to guide people’s actions.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Living the Brand: The Patagonia Story
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