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Relax, Refocus, Rejoin
Program length: 15:00

Relax, Refocus, Rejoin will bring your employees and managers a sense of calmness and clarity. Learning proper stress management techniques can make a huge difference and is an essential factor in coping with a variety of stressors.

Learning Point Highlights

  • Importance of self-esteem and the art of relaxing.
  • Benefits of taking a two-minute mental break every couple of hours.
  • Easy-to-use techniques you can do right at your desk.

Relax, Refocus, Rejoin is included in Volume VII: Time Management as part of The Employee Awareness Series

Imagine a workplace where managers are knowledgeable, committed to vision and embody professionalism. Employees are energized and engaged; deadlines are met by time well spent. Teams cooperate. Business is productive and profitable. The Employee Awareness Series is an all-in-one talent management suite filled with 24 unique courses on Attitude, Behavior, Communication, Emotions, Safety & Health, Time Management and Workplace Essentials. Learning has never been so easy. Retention has never been so high. 

Languages: English


A PowerSplash Project release

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DVD, USB*, ONLINE & Support Materials
Relax, Refocus, Rejoin $149.00
Volume 7: Time Management $349.00
Relax, Refocus, Rejoin $149.00
Volume 7: Time Management $349.00
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Relax, Refocus, Rejoin
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