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Smile! Training
Program length: 12:00

"If you want to know what I'm about and why my job is the way it is, why I make it that comes from what's inside me" -Reggie Wilson, Bus Driver

Reggie Wilson drives a bus. It's a thankless job filled with stress, time pressure and difficult customers. So, why does he love it, and why would busy people actually wait for him to serve them...?

Because Reggie makes his customers SMILE!

Join Reggie on the #27 and watch as he transforms a dreary bus ride into an experience his customers look forward to. It's a ride you'll never forget! The SMILE! "inside-out model" is all about what's on the inside. As Reggie says, "There are days I don't feel like smiling or putting up the smile sign, but I have to make a choice about where I want to be with my attitude."

With the SMILE! training, the viewer will learn how a positive attitude can be the primary factor in every customer service interaction - for the sake of the customer AND, most importantly, for their own quality of life.

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Smile! Training
reviewed by 2 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This is a feel-good film that is powerful because it is based on real-life bus driver Reggie Wilson. It delivers a concrete customer service message for any type of organization. When Reggie candidly explains how a good attitude positively effects the customer while adding to his quality of life, it makes a lot of sense. I loved this film.

  • Reggie is real, believable, and likable.
  • Fun, upbeat, positive service message.
  • SMILE! illustrates the win-win: what's in it for the customer and what's in it for the employee.
  • Film outlines the SMILE inside-out model (sincerity, motivation, integrity, laughter, and enthusiasm) but doesn't fully explain the model in behavioral terms.
  • While Reggie is inspiring, some viewers may watch and think they could never be like Reggie even if they wanted to.
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    Alma Moore, ACS - GA Dept. of Labor
Excellent piece that drives home the old adage 'Whatever job you do, be the best at it'. Right up there with "Give 'Em The Pickle." I ride the bus and everyday I wish I was on Reggie's bus. One day I may be!

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