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Media Partners is united with those working to end systemic racism.
Our Commitment.


Provide a work environment that's free of discrimination and retaliation.

No Fear Act / Retaliation Videos

Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace: Recognize, Respond, Resolve

Unlawful retaliation amongst employees is a growing form of discrimination which often results in costly litigation, damaged reputations for organizations, and ruined careers. Cultivate integrity and prevent retaliation with this program.

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Avoiding Litigation Landmines

This program addresses the nine most common mistakes that could result in costly employment law and wrongful termination litigation. Because of the increased frequency of litigation in the workplace, this is a must-see for your leadership team.

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A CLEAR PICTURE: Harassment in the Public Sector

A CLEAR PICTURE: Harassment in the Public Sector gives employees a very clear picture when it comes to their role in preventing and reporting harassment.

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