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Protect the rights of your patients and their medical information, by educating your healthcare staff on patient confidentiality and privacy.

Patient Rights

HIPAA: Do The Right Thing!

Privacy is paramount in the healthcare industry. This training program will give you the basics of HIPAA, help you understand your rights and responsibilities, as well as the rights and responsibilities of your  patients! 

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Patient Confidentiality: It's Everybody's Job, Not Everybody's Business

Teach your employees the finer legal points of offering patients the comfort of confidentiality as well as their responsibility for mainatining patient privacy. This training program will help healthcare workers understand patient rights, rthier esponsibilities, and the guidelines for professional conduct with regard to  healthcare privacy.

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Patient Confidentiality: Privacy In High-Tech Era

Medical recordkeeping and business communication in today's modern technological age creates challenges for healthcare professionals who strive to maintain patient confidentiality and work to comply with HIPAA regulations. Educate yourself and your staff with this pratical and informative training.

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HIPAA: Rules & Compliance

Update your training and give employees an overview of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule with HIPAA Rules & Compliance.

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HIPAA Security and Privacy for Hospitals

Ensure patient confidentiality with this training that will on the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. Employees will understand what constitutes protected health information, the basics of security awareness and much, much more.

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HIPAA Security and Privacy for Home Healthcare

Even in the home healthcare environment, privacy is paramount. Learn how HIPAA applies in the home with this informative program. It covers basic HIPAA policy and privacy safeguards.

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HIPAA Privacy in Home Healthcare

Help your home health facility comply with HIPAA's Privacy Rule - the first comprehensive federal protection guidelines for the privacy of health information. Learn HIPAA rules and regulations and how to apply them in your facility so that you can safeguard your patients' information and protect employees from costly legal action resulting from lack of compliance.

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HIPAA: Security & Privacy in Long-Term Care

Protect patients’ privacy and security rights and comply with the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules. This HIPAA training program sets the standard to ensure your facility's compliance.

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HIPAA Privacy in Long Term Care

Long-term care facilities can utilize this program to comply with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) privacy rule. Give employees a review of new guidelines designed to protect resident privacy and confidentiality.

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HIPAA Privacy: Compliance Scenarios

This informative compliance video covers the basic issues of the HIPAA law, from permitted communication to authorization, along with reporting and identifying violations. An excellent addition to any healthcare training library.

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HIPAA: Security Compliance

Patient confidentiality and information privacy can be challenging when data is electronic. And yet, the new HIPAA Security Rule mandates that all healthcare facilities secure their electronic protected health information. This training program will help you and your staff implement the necessary safeguards.

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HIPAA: Privacy Compliance

HIPAA Compliance is a hot topic! Learn the ins and outs of how to protect health information, of security and disclosure, as well as consent and patient rights in this informative and pointed HIPAA compliance workshop.

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Lila’s Story

This program features a veteran healthcare worker who shows how she has learned the hard way the value of treating the hospital and its guests with the best of care.

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Creating a Restraint-Free Culture

Ensure your staff uses restraints in accordance with provisions and directives of current regulation. This program outlines the documentation process while citing methods to minimize the overall use of restraints.

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Cultural Competency: Problem Solving

Help develop and improve problem solving skills among healthcare professionals at your facility by training them to be culturally competent and understand their diverse group of patients and family. This training will enhance the quality of healthcare provided for your patients.

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EMTALA 911: On Call!

Healthcare facilities, hospitals and employees must understand their obligations to patients under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Law (EMTALA). This program explains the act, its final rule established in 2003 and applications in today’s world.

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Patient Rights: Keep Them in Focus

Learning about patient rights is a key component to both patient satisfaction and prevention potential liability issues. Learn about the right treatment, legal issues, confidentiality issues, correct communication, and the right to participate.

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