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Building Employee Morale - Missed Opportunities
Program length: 13:00

Building Employee Morale suggests a solution to the problem of employees feeling as if they've received a poor score when they've been rated as meeting (not exceeding) performance standards.

People-managers usually reserve praise for the employeees or teams that exceed the standard requirements of a job or project. Building Employee Morale says: Do not be unimpressed by employees who are receiving JUST a "Meets Job Standards" rating on evaluations. Employees who are meeting job standards should be praised for doing so. If a "Meets Job Standards" rating is not an impressive accomplishment, your job standards need to be re-evaluated.

Building Employee Morale demonstrates an employee incentive structure that will reward those employees who meet expectations. In adopting this system, you can reasonably expect to take advantage of every opportunity to boost morale as any employee who routinely meets job expectations should be considered an asset to your company.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Building Employee Morale - Missed Opportunities
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