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Make Mentoring Count
Program length: 127 Minutes total running time

The Make Mentoring Count online training course includes 16 modules that help leaders become effective mentors.

Narrated by and based on the work of Dr. Lois J. Zachary--the world’s leading author and expert on developing effective mentoring skills--the course modules cover the following topics:

  1. Benefits of Mentoring - the personal and professional benefits of mentoring. 
  2. What is Mentoring? - key concepts underlying mentoring best practices. 
  3. Four Phase Mentoring Model and Conversation Model - the 4 phases of a mentoring relationship, how varying levels of conversation impact the relationship/learning, and the criteria for good conversation. 
  4. Preparing for Mentoring - understanding your motivation to be a mentor and identifying your skill sets. 
  5. Preparing the Relationship -learning about and getting to know your mentee. 
  6. The Context of Mentoring - how differences will affect your mentoring relationships. 
  7. Virtual and Distance Technologies - exploring the potential of virtual mentoring relationships.
  8. Making Technology Work for You - different ways you can use technology in the mentoring process.
  9. Negotiating the Relationship - the critical role goals play in mentoring, and the difference between starter goals and SMART goals. 
  10. Accountability Assurances - the accountability steps you will need to establish a solid foundation.
  11. Facilitating Learning - ways to power up your mentee's learning.
  12. Stumbling Blocks - Six common pitfalls and how you can turn them into mentoring learning opportunities. 
  13. Giving and Receiving Feedback - how to provide thoughtful, candid and constructive feedback to your mentee. 
  14. Staying on Track - ways to keep your mentoring relationship energized, productive and on course.
  15. Looking Back/Moving Forward - the benefits of good closure and how to ensure that closure maximizes and leverages learning.   
  16. Mentoring Best Practices and Review - a review key concepts and how to evaluate your performance as a mentor. 

The course helps organizations:
  • Strengthen existing mentoring programs or launch new ones
  • Build the confidence of potential mentors and leaders
  • Improve the effectiveness of organizational mentoring programs
  • Enable faster speed to competence and higher levels of employee engagement
  • Create a common language and terms for mentors and mentees
In the eLearning verison of the course, action plans, exercises & assignments accompany the video modules. To preview the eLearning modules, click Free FULL Preview above and then select eLearning.

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Languages: English


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Make Mentoring Count
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